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Gift for new son in law on wedding day

Section 2(31) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, treats a Hindu undivided family as an entity distinct and different from an individual.
This is because they would be members of their own family coparcenery by virtue of birth in that family.
However, the question still remains whether an HUF can give a gift to its member exceeding.
4 For deaths after, the current rules where someone dies leaving a spouse or civil partner are as follows: If holistic gifts uk there are no children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren then the spouse or civil partner inherits the entire estate.Reported in AIR 2012 Pg 169 as under that it must be accepted that even partitions before the cut off date have to be in the manner prescribed.It goes to his heirs displacing survivorship. .120 ITR 21(Guj).Thus a limited retrospective six bells horley voucher operation is given to amended Section 6 upto 20-12-04. .The rigour of this rule against alienation by gift has been to some extent relaxed by the Hindu Succession Act, 1956. .The English law thus recognises ownership of the land limited in duration while Muslim law admits only ownership unlimited in duration but recognises interests of limited duration in the use of property.
Deceased share will devolve on heirs as per 8 while deemed partition takes place of all coparcenery properties to herein, entitled including daughter further in fathers HUF share fictionally advice child as well as daughters child are entitled to interest their parents share if deceased.
Even a partition of an immovable property can be by an oral agreement (Refer : Popatlal Devram.

An interest in the coparcenary property accrues to a son from the date of his birth. .A physical and actual division of property by metes and bounds follows from disruption of status and would be termed partition in a broader sense. .A donee not competent to contract and accepting property burdened by any obligation is not bound by his acceptance.Realty, law, digest, scott.Sub-section (5) of Section 6 leaves no room for doubt as it provides that this Section shall not apply to the partition which has been effected before December 20, 2004.Such division must, of course be effective so as to bind the members. .Can a coparcener blend his individual property into his smaller HUF wherein he is a Karta, while continuing to be a member of the bigger HUF consisting of his father, himself and his brothers?In the Mohammedan law a gift is a transfer of property or right by one person to another in accordance with the provisions given in the Mohammedan law and includes- a) A hiba, an immediate and unconditional transfer of the ownership of some property.When a Hindu male dies on or after 17th June, 1956 having at the time best outdoor family gifts of his death an interest in co-partnery property, leaving behind a female heir of the class one category, then his interest in the co-partnery property shall devolve by succession and.He can deal with it as a full owner unrestrained by considerations of legal necessity or benefit of the estate. .Even where the donee resides with the donor in the property although no physical departure by the donor or formal entry by the donee, is necessary, the gift has to be completed by the donor indicating a clear intention of his part to transfer possession.
It is submitted that daughters becomes co-parceners only if their father is alive on 9-9-05 as sisters are not covered by Section.
(15) doctrine OF blending OR impressing with THE character OF HUF.

(Deirdra O'Regan/The Washington Post).
Oral Gift of an Immoveable Property- In view of sec.