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Google maps local guide rewards

Today I received an email entitled "A secret app for top Local Guides" that you can see above.
As someone who's recently best outdoor family gifts gotten into this whole thing, I'm probably going to be adding to my current 63 points (Level 3) quite rapidly in the span of the next two weeks.
This removal of free Drive storage as a reward follows a similar event from back in July of 2016, when the promo for new Level 4 Guides was slashed from 1TB for two years to 100GB for one year.
Adding a new place to Google Maps will also earn more points.Points may be deducted if your contribution is determined to be in violation of our content policy.Local guides who earn that badge can get three free months of Google Play Music All Access, as well as a 75-percent discount on a movie rental from Google Play, so long as those things are normally available in their country.Maps contribution, points earned, review 10 points per review.The Progress screen will now show detailed stats on your activities, and how far along you are toward the next level.That had to have been the quickest application I've ever filled out.Generally, higher-impact actions will earn more points, so leaving a review of a place in Maps, for example, will net you five points.The application entailed telling Google what kind of device I have (options included Android, iOS, and "other and nothing else.Google's Local Guides program for Google Maps has proven to be quite successful, with tons of people offering additional feedback and providing photos about various destinations.

The threshold to qualify as a "top" Local Guide is Level 6 (I'm a Level points, for what it's worth).The link to the application is here, but I must caution you that you won't be able to apply at all if you're not a Level 6 Guide.Edit 5 points per edit, place added 15 six bells horley voucher points per place added, fact checked 1 point per fact checked.The latest reward is kind of a double whammy for Google - an opportunity to preview new Google Maps features before the public does.Contributions that violate our policies do not count toward your Local Guides level.Video 7 points per video, answer 1 point per answer, respond to Q As 3 points per response.For starters, levels now go all the way up to ten and users with a level of four or higher will now get a special badge to put on their picture, giving people an easy way to spot the local guides that contribute the most.No badge, level 2 15 points, no badge Level 3 75 points No badge Level 4 250 points Level 5 500 points Level 6 1,500 points Level 7 5,000 points Level 8 15,000 points Level 9 50,000 points Level 10 100,000 points Please note your.As always, Local Guides at level two or higher will start seeing early access to new Maps features, exclusive perks from local partners, and other such rewards.
Outside of the new rewards for level four guides and above, the perks for consummate contributors remain the same as theyve always been for now.
Points do not expire, though they may decrease if content is removed for violating our policies.