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PDF Biorthogonal Wavelet Expansions on the Sphere (Kensuke Fujinoki).2079-2088.
Double Threshold Detection of Micro-seismic Signal Based on Constraint Judgment (Chang-peng JI, Mo GAO, Xiao-qiu NIE, Jie yang, Dian LIU, Dan zhou).4789-4800.
A Voltage Compensated Approach for Clock Drift Compensation in Wireless Sensor Networks (Shiu Kumar and Seong Ro Lee).5891-5896.Salem) A Method of Intelligent Search to Answer Queries in Relational Databases (Ashit Kumar Dutta, Ranjit Biswas and Abdul Quaiyum Ansari) Human and Social Sciences Estimation of Cooperation Behaviors - Six Categories from Experimental Data - (Hideki Fujiyama) Agriculture and Engineering Database for Evaluating Extracted.(Jinyoung Choi and Hyunhee Cho).6773-6782.PDF The Determinant of Sales Career Tenure among Insurance Salesperson (Masilah Mohamad and Khairul Azfar Adzahar).4701-4706.Online Recoverable Canadian Traveler Problem on a Road (Su Bing, Xu Yinfeng, Xu Yu and Zhu Zhijun).If you could pass this along to whoever his superior is I'd greatly appreciate it because he needs some kind of recognition for all I've seen him.PDF A Taint Analysis Enabling Technique for Detecting Contact Information Leak App (Manhee Lee).6549-6556.QoS-Aware Routing Based on Adaptive-Gossip Algorithm for Conserving Resource in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks (Ahyoung Lee and Ilkyeun Ra).6179-6188.A New Model of Spatial Directional Relation (Ke Zhang, Wei Zhao and Tao Liu).5151-5158.
Multilevel Value Fuzzy Cluster Based Association Rules Mining (mfcbarm) (laji Raja and lakrishnan).8229-8234.

Feature based Filtering System for Preventing Illegal Distribution of Android Applications (Minwoo Jang, Youngsu Park and Jiman Hong).4485-4494.A ebulb com discount code Study on Development of Improvement Guidelines of Smart Application Accessibility for the Disabled (Woochun Jun).5861-5866.PDF Fuzzy Logic-based Binarization: A Divide and Conquer Approach (Ho Chang Lee).687-694.PDF The Effects of a Tidy Manner and Solemn Demeanour (Jeongje-Eomsuk) on Self-Regulated Learning Ability of Korean High School Students (YongNam Yun, Chang-suk Choi and Seak-Zoon Roh).2695-2704.A Novel Culture Algorithm and It?PDF The Effect of Sales Volatility on Selling, General and Administrative Cost Behavior (Seungah Song, Jeong-Ho Koo and Tae-Young Paik).2641-2646.Mahmoud Abdulmaguid and Dalia.A Model for Determining Optimal Batch Sizes for Product Quality Assurance with Material- and Process-induced Variability under Open Supply Chain Environments (Namhun Kim, Dongmin Shin and Sun Hur).6043-6062.Always support the original software if you have the financial means, especially for small business owners.A Novel rfid Authentication Protocol Support Detecting Cloned Tags (Xiong Li and Chenglian Liu).4971-4976.
Agriculture and Engineering mems Contacts for Test Sockets of BGA IC Packages from BeCu Metal Sheet (Dongsu Lee, Seongseon Yang, Dongin Lee and Bonghwan Kim).5289-5296.
PDF Implied Equity Volatility and Liquid Alternative Hedge Fund Investing by Qualified Korean Investors (Joung Keun Cho).7601-7608.

PDF A Study on the Activation Measures for Communicative-Centered English Teaching Under the Criterion-referenced Evaluation (Jong-Soo Han, Yong-Myeong Kim and Mun-Koo Kang).5697-5702.
Detecting Memory Leak Using Virtualization Technology (Xiaolin wang, Zhenlin wang, Yi LIU, Yingwei LUO and Xiaoming LI).1693-1708.