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When Polly desperately wants to play in it, she gift cards at walgreens stores and Crissy shrink themselves to small size with the Tinyizer.
Cubed Cinder * Comic: Issue #8 ( cover ) - Throughout the 2000s, Dexter's Laboratory (much like Powerpuff Girls) saw a comic book from DC Comics with each issue holding either one long story or a couple short stories.Ant man is shrunken in size while he rides uprinting coupons free shipping on one of the flying ants as hes talking to Wasp.Kaio-Ken Forever; identified by ThatRetro Back to top Once Upon a Time.However, there is a war brewing and these two Great Protectors are the political tool that every faction lusts for to rally the people to their side.Then the dream ends.While the two of them play, Tootie arrives looking for Timmy due to her being one of the targets during the water balloon testing.She acts like a super jerk after that, so Tak casts a spell on her to remove her powers without her knowing.J.Turner Back to top Winx Club Level 0 / In Seasons 2 and 3, there are various minor GTS sequences as the Pixies interact with the Winx Club and other normal-sized people * Il regno delle ninfe (Season 1 episode 11; The Monster and the.The whimsical sprite "Timer" invites Little Red's two siblings to his homeland inside Little Red's head by shrinking them to microscopic size and showing them around their teenage sister's head to discover how the mind works.Multiple contributors * Season 2, Episode 15: The Black Vipers - Near the end of the episode, Clay and his sister, Jessie engage in a Bike Race Showdown.
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Final7Darkness * Boxed Up Fury - The Box Ghost fed up of being the laughing stock set out to be as terrorizing as he possibly can, when each attempt fails he sets off to steal the most powerful box in the universe, Pandoras Box.However, when Mirmo and Mini Kaede fly above the city, they fall because of a bad move of Kaede and she must survive in the giant city.Jekblom and BiggerBetterBarbie Back to top ChalkZone Level 0 * Episode 24a: Skrawl's Brain video of GTS scenes.Rudie proceeds to wish that Morgan and Macy were back to normal size and the girls praise him for being able to straighten out the genie which he claimed was by using his special "wheelin' and dealin method.Cubed Cinder Back to top Spirit of Wonder Level OVA - Breckenridge demonstrates a new invention to Miss China that can project anything that is underneath the machine's beam into a supersized copy.After discovering this, Urr (a giantess NPC) appear behind the heros and tells them motive behind the slaughter and how they can stop.Multiple contributors * Episode 33: Tower of Heaven - While the main characters are taking a vacation to the Kingdoms best resort they get interrupted by a group of people whom attacks them.Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space - A Halloween special entitled Monsters.She succeeds in taking over Sakura and is about to force her to forfeit the match, but due to Naruto's cheering Inner Sakura wakes up and inside her mind we see her as a giant crushing Ino with her hands, forcing Ino out of Sakura's.Watch your step on the way out.Lucas at first tries to escape from the ants but eventually finds himself helping them out with their problems.
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Multiple contributors * Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons - Probabilitor the Annoying shrinks Dipper and Ford Pines down to play in his real-life "DD and More D while Mabel and Stan have to play as and give them weapons.