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The hot tub is used for this trope again when, after a chase against the ltd commodoties promo code jerk who tried to frame him for a jewelery theft, Zack falls into it and begs for help.
London's "your mom needs a hobby" in regards to Bailey's large family (Despite being rewritten ) could be one at Kate Gosselin and other reality shows with large families.The B Grade : In the episode where Cody is forced to take Wood Shop due to picking an elective that not even the teacher showed up to, it's revealed that he has extremely unrealistic ideas of what will happen to him if he doesn't.Maddie, Zack, Cody, Esteban and Arwin have one, mostly to give Maddie more body heat to help her thaw out from her trip to Antarctica.Near the end, when they're caught, the father reveals the daughter is the brains of the operation and that he's the one who comes up with the lame plan names.Princess Protection Program "One And The Same" Pulp Fiction " Misirlou ".Men in Black " Men in Black ".Olsen finally captured Zack and Cody in the climax and was just about to merge them together.If they'd left off one of their hits from a show it wouldn't have been such an obvious oversight.Martin" has Cody scoff at the idea that there's a ghost on the ship despite the fact that in the previous series, he and Zack had encountered a woman's ghost at the Tipton hotel.G-Rated Drug : In "The Kidney of the Sea Zack is accused of stealing his wealthy crush's expensive diamond necklace by said crush's "boyfriend" who actually framed Zack.Animal Gender-Bender : London Tipton's pet dog, Ivana, is played by a male dog.Mobile Suit Gundam Wing "Just Communication".Panty Shot : Maddie's panties can be seen in "Commercial Breaks".Wayne's World " Bohemian Rhapsody from A Night at the Opera '.

Batman (Sunsoft) "Streets of Desolation" Battlefield The loading screen theme from Battlefield 1942 for the series as a whole.Tomboy and Girly Girl : Tough and physically adept farmgirl Bailey and Rich Bitch fashionista London.Purpose Driven Teams and Coaches have conducted clinics and have competed in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Italy Hungary.Bryan Danielson : Sara Del Rey "The Final Countdown" or "Ride of the Valkyries just like with Daniel Bryan Alberto Del Rio The first version of "Realeza".For the score, The Stark theme, Targaryen theme and "Light of the Seven" are contenders.Birds of Prey - "Revolution." Breaking Bad The theme song or "Baby Blue".Re-Cut : The original version of "Graduation on Deck" was about 40 minutes long.The Matrix Trilogy: Mean Girls "Overdrive".
Absentee Actor : London was missing from 2 episodes: "Have a Nice Trip" and "Birdman of Boston" while Maddie is absent in 12 episodes.